Ideal Farm and Garden
222 Route 15
Lafayette, NJ 07848
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                                            IDEAL'S CSA

Ideal, a name synonymous with agriculture has been a family owned farm for almost 100 years. Starting in the 1920's Ideal was first renowned for its Guernsey milk products.

Times are always changing, but we at Ideal have never lost sight of our founding principles "quality first". Our goals are to grow the healthiest plants and quality produce. We believe in fresh
vegetables and naturally grown beef and pork.

In 2017, Ideal will again be offering a limited number of memberships in our CSA. If you are unfamiliar with CSA's, it is when individuals purchase a subscription to a farm, entitling them to a weekly pickup of freh vegetables. Early season selections cans also include plants.

                                     Why Ideal's CSA?
                              Quality and Dependability
                              Dependability and Quality
                                          'Nuff said.

Ideal CSA a win win situation. Make a commitment to your own health and local agriculture. Every weeks share will include recipes. If having the freshest, straight from the field veggies matters to you and your family, please consider joining Ideal's CSA.