Ideal Farm and Garden
222 Route 15
Lafayette, NJ 07848
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Products From Our Local Yokels

At Ideal, we also carry a wide variety of local products! From local honey to local homemade sauces, salsas, pickles and condiments, you will love to try it all!

We have been carrying Pine Island Herb and Spice Company's products for years! They make wonderful mixes for soups, pastas, chilis, chowders, dipping blends, spices, pasta salads, and mulling spices that we use for our hot cider in October! All of the products are salt free, MSG free, and sugar free. They use no animal products or artificial ANYTHING, so they are a huge hit!

Yummy Ideal Farms Pickles!! We sell each of the pickles by the Quart so you won't run out. They are perfect to pair with some of our burger patties when you are BBQ-ing during the summer months. Pickles are carried during cucumber season (summer months).

Neil's Homemade things are great! He also carries a wide variety of excellent products. He makes everything right out of his kitchen in Lafayette, NJ and even uses our produce! Come on in and try what he has! Spice up your burgers and dogs with some dragon juice, or use his delicious salsa on some chips during the summer heat!

He makes great Beer-BQ sauce, Corn Salsa, Dragon Juice, Eggplant Caponata, Fire Farts (spicy cabbage relish), Puttanesca, and Salsa (mild and medium) and he is always in the mood for trying something new! Stop in to see what new things Neil is cooking in his kitchen, he just started making Apple Pie Jam, stop in and try some!

We carry local honey. So many people swear by the honey for their seasonal allergies. The honey is available in standard 1 lb, 2 lb and 5 lb jars, as well as honey bears, which are great for that drop of honey you might need in your tea!

We also have Our own and local eggs, that are available to you by the dozen! These eggs are delicious and wonderful for omelets, hard boiled eggs, and to use for cooking!

The "we are so fresh it hurts!" eggs.

Don't forget we carry our own Beef and Pork! 
Click here to see what cuts are available.

Also, would you like to try some delicious recipes with these local products? 
Click here for some great ideas.